BRC: It is proposed to help retailers meet their legal obligations and to protect the consumer by ensuring that suppliers of branded products operate in compliance with the essential requirements and the defined quality standards.

22005: The ISO 22005 is applicable to the entire food industry, including the pet food production, and today is the reference standard for the certification of traceability systems in the food industry.

BIO Product: You can be sure that a product is truly organic only if it is certified. The certification of organic products is part of a system of certification of product quality regulated.

NOP: European Union and United States have announced that from 1st June 2012, the certified organic products in the EU or the USA can be sold as organic products in their respective territories.

TUV: Product certification is issued by an entity and ensures the company's ability to manufacture products that comply with requirements specified in reference standards, to highlight the quality of the product.

Riseria Roncaia Romano

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